New day,
New life,
New Dickson
New lifestyle
New lifestyle
your exterior
Spending time outside helps you de-stress and disconnect from your hectic everyday life. This is your new source of well-being!
Outdoor living is a new art.
Another way to enjoy life: under an awning. Whether the sun is shining or not, you can enjoy the comfort of your new open-air sanctuary.
A style
The awning revolution began a few years ago and marches on with style and technology at Dickson®. Solids, trends, textures and graphic designs... there is an awning fabric for any type of façade, whether traditional or contemporary. Awning fabrics have a place in our architectural heritage.
Awnings: an important feature of your home’s decor.
New protection
New protection

By regulating heat and offering passive protection, Dickson® fabrics allow you to enjoy the sun’s heat in winter and offer you the coolness you need in summer.

They provide effective protection from UV rays thanks to their solution-dyed acrylic weave and also regulate the lighting of the areas they protect. So linger a little longer with your friends and family.

Protection from
UV rays
Protection from
Regulation of
Dickson® conducts a series of rigorous tests on its fabrics to guarantee that they always meet its demanding standards in terms of colourfastness and resistance. The Cleangard treatment ensures beading and water-resistance, no matter how fierce the weather, and makes the fabrics easy to clean.
Dickson® fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic fibres, which make them more weather-resistant and guarantee their colourfastness.
Colours guaranteed up to 10 years.
New collection
New in 2017
A design-oriented look
at awning fabric.

The Solar Fabrics collection, with its surprising styles, textures and woven effects, is here to disrupt popular notions of awning fabrics.

product references

Get inspired by these bold and muted stripes in trendy soft and pastel colours. Also consider the bright reds, sunny yellows and natural greens. And don’t forget the neutral stripes with mixes of shades highlighted by white, which offer these fabrics a new field of expression.

ORC U413 Potiron Piqué
ORC U413 Potiron Piqué
OPE J170 Brush Hemp
OPE J180 Constellation Blue
ORC D298 Wide Chiné
ORC U388 Azur
ORC D308 Naples
ORC D335 Color Bloc Red
ORC 8203 Ardoise
ORC U415 Maïs Piqué
ORC C033 Canard Chiné
ORC U413 Potiron Piqué
New project
New project
The dimensions
of your awning

To protect effectively, the awning must be larger than the area to be protected. The size of the shade created by the awning varies depending on orientation, sunshine strength and awning size. It is thus essential to clearly identify the area to be shaded before you make your choice. To estimate the shade that will be created, add about 1.50 m to the desired area of shade. As for width, we recommend that you add 1 m to each side of your windows or doors to ensure that your home's interior is protected.

The colour
of your fabric

Colours influence our well-being and help create a cool, moderate or warm ambiance. An awning fabric can add colour to the sun’s rays as they filter through the dyed fibres, thus modifying the perception of the space under the awning and either “cooling” or “warming” the light’s natural colour.

Blue, for example, will cool down the colour of the light, creating a soothing, refreshing feeling. Yellow will warm the light to create a joyful, stimulating mood. White or grey will have very little effect on the light, guaranteeing a calm, neutral ambiance.

And you? Which fabric inspires you the most?
ORC U413
Potiron Piqué
Design your project
In just a few seconds, either on your desktop or smartphone, you can use Dickson Designer to try out anything from the Dickson® fabric catalogue.
There is an awning professional near you!
Much more than
just awning retailers…
For assistance with your awning design, look no further than the awning retailers hand-picked by Dickson®, who are more than just technical experts. Dickson® awning specialists are also professional exterior decorators and can help you design an attractive new outdoor living space that integrates seamlessly with your home.